Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

The story continue - Love & Pride

...to be continued...

Chad's mind voice :
"well okay girl, you, totally successfully 'disturbing' my mind and I know you are tryin flirt with me, of course Im not blind but I only pretend to dont know anything, I want to know your ability, I dare you....."

temptation?, of course, you are only human and normal guy, chad...
as normal guy you have a sense, what would you do if you see
beautiful girl walking or dancing front of your face?
c'mon dare yourself, this is your second change,

If you don't have choice, what would you do?
surrender with the situation or keep fight with your pride and faith?

Chad,, did you believe with second change?


at another place, Chad still thingking about the girl...
suddenly, his mind doesnt stop questioning about why that girl smile to him like that?
and why she said something firtatious about his tatoo?
does she try to get his attention?....

Amanda has something excited to share with
her best friend, about this guy.....

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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

FIRST POST : The Comics

Love and Pride
the story: Amanda, the hot, beautiful and popular supermodel stuggle between love and pride with her first love, Chad, super COOL, arrogant pro skater boi. Both, are never been falling love before and even doesn't have experience about love. Amanda, who called falling love is just like ; cursed!. Then, meanwhile,Chad prefer called Amanda is such irritating girl.. Does it Amanda can deal with Chad sinister behaviour or just give up to falling love with him?. How about Chad?, does he finally falling love with Amanda too?.
OC story and character by : amel
art and blah blah by : amel